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Foxkeh's Wallpaper Creator


Creating a wallpaper for your browser

Foxkeh's Wallpaper Creator is a tool that helps to create Foxkeh wallpapers easily in modern browsers utilizing a web-based technology called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). You can select images and backgrounds and customize the size and layout.

You can create desktop wallpapers for PCs, standby wallpaper for mobile phones and Personas for Firefox (browser window designs).


Exciting features of Foxkeh's Wallpaper Creator

Foxkeh's Wallpaper Creator is a tool that allows you to easily create wallpapers themed with Foxkeh, Firefox’s mascot character born in Japan. In addition to desktop wallpapers for PCs and standby wallpapers on mobile phones, you can also create designs for Personas to transform the look in Firefox.

The program is very simple to use. First, you choose the type of wallpaper you would like to create. Then select from various backgrounds and a range of images of Foxkeh striking different poses. Resize Foxkeh and move him around and come up with your very own design. All you have left to do is to adjust the settings.

Are you ready to experience the ever-evolving world of the web? Time to get started creating your own wallpaper!

What is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and refers to the graphic format that describes shapes rather than using pixel-based images.

It is receiving attention as a next generation web-based graphics format.

JPEG and PNG are commonly used graphic formats. However, once they are saved as data, the images cannot be resized without affecting the quality nor can they be edited partially. It is sometimes difficult to make a small image bigger while trying to maintain its definition.

With SVG technology, lines come out smooth no matter how small or large the graphic and elements within an image can still be edited and changed freely.

Cherishing web-based technology and focusing on the potential of SVG, Mozilla has been supporting this technology for five years.

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