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SVG is not available in your browser.

Foxkeh's Wallpaper Creator is not visible by browsers which do not support the SVG standard. In this situation, we recommend that users visit the page again using Firefox.

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Foxkeh’s Wallpaper Creator User Guide

First, let’s choose Foxkeh!

On the default screen, the wallpaper design of the month is displayed. First, let’s change Foxkeh. Take a pick from the custom pallet displayed on the right side of the screen. The enlarge/reduce bar makes it easy to change the size of Foxkeh. It is also easy to make it transparent. Click on the Foxkeh on the screen to select, and drag and drop to move it wherever you like it to be.

Now let’s change the background!

Next step is changing the background. Place the arrow on top of the background over the screen and click to show the various background designs on the custom pallet on the right. Select a background design and click on it to change the background image of the wallpaper.

Personalize the calendar and the size of the Firefox logo!

The size and position of the calendar and Firefox logo mark on the desktop wallpaper can be changed freely just by clicking the images!

Let’s apply it as a wallpaper!

After you create your own wallpaper, check the design by clicking on the PREVIEW button. If you are happy with it, you can apply it as a desktop background as it is. You can also send the image to your mobile phone to use it as a standby wallpaper. For Personas, click WEAR IT in the preview screen and authorize the installation of the theme. This allows you to give Firefox a new look.

More graphics to come!

New graphics will be added for Foxkeh’s Wallpaper Creator. Stay tuned!



What is SVG?
We use SVG!
Foxkeh’s Wallpaper Creator utilizes a web-based technology called SVG, which allows you to create your own wallpaper without installing any additional programs such as plug-ins.
What is SVG?
SVG refers to the graphic format that memorizes the shapes and positions of images and figures. It is drawing much attention as the web-based technology for the next generation. Since the shape and the position are memorized, it is possible to move the image partially and also freely change its size. Even when enlarged, the lines stay smooth. Another noteworthy feature is that you can easily edit the graphics using scripts. Using such technology, Foxkeh’s Wallpaper Creator allows you to personalize images of Foxkeh, the background, the calendar and the Firefox logo any way you want them.
Mozilla’s use of SVG
Cherishing the web-based technology, Mozilla has adopted the use of SVG formats on Firefox since five years ago. In addition, special effects such as blurring, which used to be only available for SVG, have been recently made available for formats other than SVG. Also, Mozilla has been actively adopting technologies such as SMIL (SVG animation).
Great potentials of SVG
SVG graphics allows the users to control the images on the browser using scripts. For example, even if you are using applications that require enlarging or reducing images such as maps, the graphics are always defined and clear. Also, you can add texts such as the names of the town or the building or add symbols and images that indicate the location of convenience stores and such. Animation and filtering are also very easy. The use of SVG broadens the horizon for expression and creativity. This tool goes over some of the great potentials that SVG has to offer.

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Other FAQs
Which browsers are supported?
We’ve tested this application with Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.53, Safari 4/5, and Chrome 5. It doesn’t work with Internet Explorer because IE doesn’t support SVG.
My monitor size is not detected exactly.
In most cases, your monitor size is automatically selected. If the page is zoomed, you have to press Ctrl+0 keys and reload the page to change the size. See Bug 547469 for details.
Can I browse the source of this site?
We are working on releasing this Foxkeh’s Wallpaper Creator tool as an open source project.